Massey FergusonMF Tillage


MF 715 HRS Models MF 715 HRT Models MF 725 HSRS Models MF 725 HSRT Models
MF 715 MRS Models MF 715 MRT Models MF 735 MRWS Models MF 735 MRWT Models
MF 725 SRS Models MF 725 SRT Models MF 735 XRWS Models MF 735 XRWT Models


MF Aramix MF Aramulch MF Araplow MF Synchronic
MF CWHR MF Makila Mak MF Zenith RGH MF Rolpack
MF Zenith RXH MF Phenix TBX MF Phenix TGX MF Phenix TMX

tillagePJ Services is based in the heart of England - but has a global outlook.

Whether you are looking for a new plough or cultivator PJ Services are proud to be a UK and European distributor of the Massey Ferguson range of tillage equipment.

Above we have listed the models available - for more information please do telephone and we will be delighted to discuss how P.J. Services can help.