Massey FergusonMAKILA MAK -

(3.00 - 5.00 metres working width)

Unique design which can carry multiple combinations of levelling and pressure accessories behind. Its tines (either AUTO-RESET CHB or Double Coil S40), together with the various shares that can be attached, enable it to work in a wide range of conditions. It has 3 rows of tines with a distance of 750mm between rows, and spacing of 270mm between tines; this allows it to work at depth and still go at high speed.

The MAKILA MAK exists in 3 working widths: 3 metres (rigid frame) and 4 or 5 metres (foldable frame by 2 double-acting rams).

Transport width 2.50 - 3.00 metres.


  • Rigid rectangular steel tube frame 100x100x8mm
  • 11 Tines
  • Linkage category 2 and 3

MAKILA MAK 4 and 5

  • Single beam frame 200x200x8mm section
  • Foldable lateral panel frame 100x100x8mm
  • MAK 4 has 15 tines
  • MAK 5 has 19 Tines
  • Linkage category 3
  • Horizontal adjustment of arms
  • Safety hydraulic lock for transport
  • Road lights

Choice of Points

Choice of levelling and Presss

MF Makila MakMakila Mak

MF Makila MakMakila Mak

MF Makila MakMakila Mak Rolmax

MF Makila Mak TubeMakila Mak Rolmax Tube

MF Makila Mak RolmixMakila Mak Rolmix

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